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Installing Pile Wrap on your Dock Pilings will help protect them from the Marine Borers. Pile Wrap is a .030mil thickness. High Density Polyethylene Black Material with a High UV rating. Pile Wrap comes in a 60 inch width. To calculate how much Pile Wrap you will need for each Piling simply take the diameter of the Piling and multiply it by 3.14 and add 6 inches for overlap. We recommend installing the Pile Wrap with Stainless Steel 1 1/2 inch Ring-Shank Roofing Nails. Install the nails approximately every 2 inches along the seam for the best result.


$3.20 per Linear Foot for .030mil. (25 Ft. Min.)


Please call for Special Pricing when ordering by the full roll. Toll Free 1-866-998-3625

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