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3/4 HP, 1 HP  available. These Stainless steel boat lift motors fit most Boat lifts, Jet Ski Lifts, Elevator Boat Lifts and Davits. When Changing out a Boat Lift Motor always check your Motor connections and the condition of the wire. We do offer the Electra Gear Motors Pre-Wired to make your installation easier. Each Boat Lift Motor comes with a 2″ pulley and the mounting bolts you’ll need to attach it to your Gear Plate.


These Boat Lift Motors can be wired to Salzer and Bremas Drum Switches as well as a Remote Control System. Motor developed specifically for boat lift applications. Stainless steel casing, shaft and foot. Attractive high polish finish. Four point drain plugs allows for condensation release. Dual voltage capability with easy wiring changeover. Dual purpose foot-mount or C-face mounting. Size 56 frame (Universal size).


No external junction bolt needed for connections. Heavy-duty cast aluminum end-caps. ¾ HP 11.4 amps @ 115V – 5.6 amps @ 240V. 1 HP 13.6 amps @ 115V – 6.8 amps @ 240V. 1 ½ HP 9 amps @ 240V (only) Totally enclosed design allows for rinsing and prevents insect intrusion/nest building. Boat Lift Motors come with wiring diagrams to help you wire them to a variety of Drum Switches. *Minimun run voltage is V115/208-230 and may not go below specified amps or warranty will be voided.

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