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The Solar Piling Down Light provides unique aesthetically appealing indirect lighting downward on the dock surface. The separate down light is included with 1-meter of wire which allows mounting of the LED down light at any height for desired lighting affect. Optional turtle friendly Amber LED is available for turtle conscious lighting requirements. Five brightness settings allow you to select the desired brightness and run time performance according to seasonal changes. The Solar Piling Down Light has adjustable power settings. Use its patented design by simply touching the top of the solar panel with magnet to alter power options. Choose from White or Black finishes to suit your aesthetic dock requirements.


The Solar Piling Down Light has an advanced microprocessor control circuit which monitors every aspect of the light and has protective features to prevent overcharging, over discharging, output control, and constant brightness technology. Equipped with the industries latest LiFePo4 battery technology, the Solar Piling Down Lights will run for years on the same battery.

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